What Time Is It?

It is quite possibly one of my favorite times of year. Tomorrow is Grammy time! I love tv specials and the Grammys are top of my list. I enjoy watching all the performances by different artists (what can beat watching Coldplay, Justin Timberlake and TI, Kanye West, or any other number of artsist perform?), seeing the presenters, listening to the long-winded and (sometimes) funny speeches, and attempting to guess what will win in each category. In short, Grammy time is something I really love. Want proof? I've been known to record the Grammys and watch them over again at a later date. Lame, but true.



It’s been a weird couple of days. School has had midterms the past few days, but I didn’t have to take any. That meant that I spent the school hours watching movies. And I got to hang out with my recruiters for a little bit of the time. I guess most of the movies were alright, but there was one that I really didn’t like. That movie was Osama. Medicine Man, A Knight’s Tale, and Stand and Deliver were all pretty good even though two of them were older movies.

I also got some PT stuff done for Future Soldiers. I don’t have to leave for another 4 months, but it’s nice to have that out of the way. But I can continue to work to get my scores even better.

I’m really out of things to say for now. So I’ll shut up and come back when I have something else important to say; which will probably be soon.


Old Habits Die Hard

Whoever come up with the saying 'old habits die hard' was definitely correct. Not all habits are bad, but even the unharmful ones are tough to get away from.

We'll prelude with this: I really like writing things down. I make lists of unnecessary things because I think I might need them later. Scraps of paper are scattered around my room because I've written phrases and other things on them and then set them places for later reference......

2.5 years ago (about) I started this notebook where I wrote down every new song I heard on the radio, its artist(s), and the date I first heard it. Notations were made when a song was heard more than once. It was a great idea to me, and I absolutely love it. I think there are only a few mistakes of writing songs down multiple times in the whole time I've been doing it.

Since I go to basic in June, in December I figured I might as well stop recording the new music in January. Old habits die hard. I just can't bring myself to stopping until I absolutely must. The book has its own special pencil and I think the pencil might get mad at me for stopping unnecessarily. And I wouldn't know what to do with that pencil. It IS the music notebook pencil after all.

So I'm just gonna keep on tracking my music until I leave for basic. It won't hurt anything. It just reinforces the fact that old habits die hard.


Arsenal 4-2 Bolton

Arsenal is currently sitting on top of the premier league table. I know it won't be for long because we are a game up from chelsea and have the same goal difference and number of points. But it's definitely exciting, especially when people have said Arsenal can't be top.

I go home from school and got online. I saw Arsenal was down 2-1. I had the slightest gut feeling that Tomas Rosicky or Cesc Fabregas had scored the goal. Turns out, I was right. Tomas Rosicky had scored. And a few minutes later, Cesc evened it up. Vermalen and Arshavin later added one apiece.

Arshavin always makes me smile. There's something about his finger to the lips ssshhhhh that he does that is entertaining.

This week has been incredibaly crazy. It's almost the end of the semester and teachers have been piling on projects and tests. I trhink the next few days will be a little more restful since midterms are coming up and I have none to take.



Dear Dead Poet

Ever have one of those days when you wanted to eat everything existing in the house? That happened to me today when I got home from school. But I didn't eat the entire contents of the house. I just had some cereal and cheese. I mean, I had to save room for dinner........

But that's not why I'm posting. The other day, I wrote a poem kind of spur of the moment. I thought it was great and so did a friend. So I decided to post it here. Just remember, it's great if you want to use the poem somewhere, but it would be very nice to ask me first and to give me credit. Otherwise it could be considered plagirism.

Dear Dead Poet

Dear Dead Poet,
I know you're dead
But I gotta make a statement
It's the 21st century
I don't understand the language
Why'd you have to write
With such big words
Common people need a dictionary
You're only understood by nerds
When I read your stuff
I don't know how deep to dig
Your metaphors are great
But still, I'm just a kid
When you hide the meaning
I get all confused
Are you being literal
Or must I pay my dues
To my English teacher
To decipher what you've used


Bolton 0-2 Arsenal

Arsenal beat Bolton Wanderers 2-0 away at Reebok Stadium. Fabregas and Merida scored the goals. It's nice to have Fabregas back. I really don't have a lot to say about the game.

Yesterday was my youth groups annual Winterfest. We get together and play football, sled, watch movies, and other random stuff. I absolutely love playing football. It's a lot of fun to play with my youth group.

Of course, I'm always sore afterwards, but that's part of the fun. I was all muddy and I managed to pop a lens out of my glasses. Those promptly got fixed at Wal-Mart. And life wouldn't bee complete without icy-hot. That stuff is genius in a bottle.

Tomas Rosicky


an assignment

I've got an assignment for you: google Malthus. He's got some interesting theories.


Arsenal 2-2 Everton

I hold Everton in decent high esteem. That esteem was raised when they acquired Landon Donovan on loan. The man certainly made his mark in his first premier league game with an assist. I will save my opinion on Donovan for another possible post. Everton, I hate to say it, deserved to win. I think they played harder whereas Arsenal got a draw from luck on Denilson's part. It makes me so happy to say that Rosicky scored the second equaliser. The goal was his second of the season. Not too shabby for a guy injured for almost two years. And best of luck to Donovan.He certainly impressed today, but it seems like every new signing usually impress in the first game or two........


Clickers and Zippers

Every one has those small little thing that just amuse and amaze them. I'll admit that I have many of those little things, but I have two new things to add to that list. Christmas break brought two new things into my life and I it would be at least, an annoyance to get rid of them now.

The first of those things is................. the double zipper. Whoever came up with the concept is a genius. I've never had a jacket with a double zipper before and I love it. Not only can I regularly zip up my jacket, but I can unzip from the bottom. This feature is wonderful when you need to sit down and not need a jacket bumr that is uncomfortable. It's also fun for a person who needs to keep their hands busy to run the zipper up and down.

The other thing is a remote for a stereo. My boombox stereo was acquired a few years ago through my parents not needing it anymore. Originally, it had the remote, but somehow, it didn't make it to the transfer. I didn't complain because I had no idea how handy it could be. Fast-forward to now. My brother was re-doing his room and that meant all the junk needed to be cleared out. What sould be in is room but the remote to the stereo he doesn't have. Needless to say, the remote now has a welcome home in my room. It's so nice to be able tomake the stereo function without having to go over to the stereo and press buttons. Now I can press buttons from several feet away.

Take some time today to appreciate all those stupid things. They make life easier. They amuse. The world would be a different place without them.


Rosicky Has a New Contract!!!

from the press association
"Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky has signed a new contract at the Emirates Stadium, the club have announced.

The deal rewards the 29-year-old, who has scored 14 goals in 76 appearances, for his performances this season after two injury-blighted campaigns.

Rosicky said: "The last two seasons haven't been easy for me because of injuries but I feel it speaks volumes about the club's belief in me for this to be signed, and I truly believe I have a lot left to offer the club, my team-mates and all the supporters."

He added: "It's felt like home since I arrived here four years ago and I believe we're on the verge of achieving something special together.

"I'm looking forward to the coming months and hope that together, we are all celebrating at the end of the season."

The Gunners have not disclosed the length of the contract but it continues the club's success in securing the future services of their key players.

Rosicky, who joined the club from Borussia Dortmund in 2006, is the 15th player to sign a new contract for manager Arsene Wenger since May 2009


From several seasons ago, but still, a good pic.


West Ham 1-2 Arsenal

Arsenal played their first match of the year today. It was a FA Cup game and Arsenal had to face West Ham. Arsenal won 2-1, although I will say I think West Ham is a solid club. I think some of the other FA Cup games were a little more interesting though. Manchester United lost to League One Leeds. Liverpool drew 1-1 with Championship Reading. I wish Reading had won, but I'm fine with a replay as long as they can beat Liverpool at Anfield. Actually, the rest of the matches were quite predictable with the Premier League teams comfortably beating the other teams. In perspective, the FA Cup isn't a whole lot, but since Arsenal haven't had any silverware for a few years, even the FA Cup would be nice. All they have to do is get there.

Happily, I get to go back to school tomorrow. Each day means one day closer to graduation and me going off to basic training. And remember, "If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all." -Arsene Wenger



I've always kind of liked new years resolutions. For the past few years, I've been batting about .500 with my resolutions. Sometimes, things come up and plans get changed. Usually though,the resolutions that were broken were flexible in the first place.

Here are mine for 2010:
-Finish my Future Soldier training, do my second Army swearing-in, and complete basic training.
-Keep doing my On Track Devotions. They're a sweet plan. Here's the link for them: http://simplyapilgrim.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=123
-Have fun. It seems this is always one of my resolutions, but a person can always have more fun.....

and of course, I can relate this to music. Nick Lachey had a great track called Resolution on his album. Here's the lyrics:
Nothing but an empty page
Breathing in an open space
Captured by a moment's grace...again
There's so much I left behind
Even more that waits in time
Everything so undefined
I'm standing on the edge of my fear
And I see it clear

Here's my resolution
I'm letting go
All i need to learn is along this road
And I just wanna be the best man I can be
It's my resolution

Living life without a plan
Finding solace where I stand
Learning how to love again
And all I want is something real
And that I can feel

Here's my resolution
I'm letting go
All i need to learn is along this road
And I just wanna be the best man I can be
Here's my resolution
I'm letting go
All i need to learn is along this road
And I just wanna be the best man I can be
It's my resolution
My resolution

lyrics from sing365.com