There's something I have to do every Thanksgiving. It's one of the three TV programs I have to watch, including the Grammys and Rockin New Years Eve. It's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. There's just something about watching all the floats and balloons go by. And I like seeing all the performers they get for the floats. This year wasn't spectacular performer-wise, but it was still nice. The Rockettes didn't seem as good as they usually do. I was excited to see Arlo Guthrie perform, but he performed one of his dad's songs instead of Alice's Restaurant. I was disappointed in that since I really enjoy the song. Kanye West wasn't even as good as I had hoped he would be. I was impressed by Gloriana. I got really excited about seeing the Hess Truck float and the Buzz Lightyear balloon. I was also happy to find out there's going to be another Sing Off even though I'll miss the shows. It was really good last year.
Thanksgiving dinner at the chow hall was amazing. They had sergeant majors and warrant officers serving us and the brigade and battalion commanders were there enjoying a Thanksgiving meal.

Its officially Christmas season now. Thanksgiving is over and its less than a month until we celebrate the birth of not so baby Jesus. I'm almost missing snow, and I'm definitely missing listening to Christmas music on the radio. I have a feeling the radio will be on a lot when I'm home.


That cheesy Thanksgiving post

I feel really blessed to be able to be in Arizona. And to be around at all. I know it’s really cliché-ish for this time of year, but it’s from the bottom of my heart what I’m thankful for.
1.     1. To be surrounded by the scenery that I am. Sunrises and sunsets are so much cooler out here. And I get to just stare at the mountains every day. It’s almost Sound of Music in the desert. I just don’t sing to the mountains.
2.    2.  To have the Army job I do is wonderful. I go to class/work every day and my brain starts referencing all the NCIS episodes I’ve seen. And then I reference my job when I’m watching NCIS.
3.    3.  I’m thankful for my family. They’ve been supportive the entire time I’ve been gone. Packages, letters, e-mails, texts.
4.    4.  I’m thankful my Barney is here with me. Me and Barney have been buddies for at least 17 years.
5.    5.  Lastly, it sounds kind of weird, but I’m thankful the Army has brainwashed me to a degree. I don’t think about how to put the PT belt on, I just do. I just automatically start off on the required foot. I don’t need to question myself on loading, shooting, or troubleshooting my weapon. The only thing I still struggle with is making sure I loop my belt to buckle on the proper side.



Back in June I posted a video for a version of my favorite new song at the time. Then in September I posted about how I had 4 different versions of the song.  I can now sadly say I have a fifth version of K’naan’s Wavin Flag. It’s the one he performed at the FIFA World Cup Kick-Off Celebration Concert. It mixes both the regular version and the World Cup of the song and even brings in will I am from the Black Eyed Peas (he’s on one of the other versions I have and the Peas were performers at the concert too).
I once read somewhere (I want to say in Nick Hornby’s book Songbook, but I’m not positive) that songs are like puzzles we’re trying to solve. There’s a mystery in the songs and we’re all trying to solve it. Some songs are more of a mystery for some people than others.
I’d like to figure out the puzzle in Wavin Flag. I’m not sure why it’s held my fascination for so long. I get the feeling its because K’naan is a lot like Natasha Bedingfield. He’s got good beats, his music has some depth in it, he started out more popular internationally than in the US, and he’s a social activist. Then I think you can add on top of that the fact that I found the song as a World Cup song and I love soccer more than almost everything than God and my Barney.
Those are the reasons I can come up with for my fascination. And Wavin Flag isn’t the only song I have a fascination with. It’s just the most recent one. And I like its puzzle. 



There was something I didn’t realize would be a perk when I moved out here to Arizona. I guess it should have been obvious, but living for 11 year in Pennsylvania can do funny things to you.
Almost all of the change I get is D mint change. Produced by Uncle Sam in Denver, Colorado. Living on the east coast means a majority of the change is produced in the Philadelphia mint. There aren’t a lot of D coins that make it to where I was. It was something special to pick up a D coin. At least it is for me. It was special for me as a little kid in Nebraska and even more special in PA. Now I get to feel special a lot with all the change I get and find.

PS- I find a lot of change here. Kind of Surprising for a military base…..
and Arsenal lost today. Thats all on that topic.