Tonight was the finale performances for The X Factor. All Josh, Chris, and Melanie are all worthy of winning, but I'm rooting for Chris. He has some of the most entertaining, captivating.
Josh has a really nice voice. If I'm just listening to him I almost hear Lee DeWyze. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why they would have Alanis Morrisette on to sing with him. They blended really well, but to me, Morrisette is a one hit wonder. I guess the producers don't. Ironic, huh?
Melanie has an amazing voice and I would almost root for her. But as much as I LOVE late 90's R&B (think Mariah and R. Kelly), she had no variety throughout the season. Each week sounded almost the same. She wasn't as bad as that kid Drew for lack of variety, but it came close sometimes.
Chris's voice isn't that great, but something just draws you to it. He's versatile and fun on stage. He's written some of his own stuff and its good. And........... he performed with Avril Lavigne tonight.
That's just my opinion on things. Tomorrow night will show how much of America agrees with me.



I consider myself to have a pretty good memory when it comes to TV shows and movies. I remember plot lines fairly well and sometimes insignificant details even better. 
It takes a special show or movies to make me want to watch it more than once in a year or even longer in some cases.
Last night as I had the TV on for noise Cold Case came on. I had only seen the end half of the episode a few months earlier. But I knew what the episode was about. Is that sad or what?