Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea

It wasn’t exactly a happy day at the Emirates today. I guess the fact that it was raining should have made that clear. But I got my hopes up anyways. And Arsenal, as usual, let them down. I saw the first half of the game online, and it was decent play. After the game, I made the mistake of going to the Arsenal board on Facebook. Big mistake since almost all the topics had something to do with us losing, how we’ll never win anything again, and we’re such a crap team compared to Chelsea. About the only thing I considered reading was the topic on the ref’s not doing a very good job reffing. I agreed with that, and it seems to be a common theme among EPL watchers this season.

I’ll move on to more happy things. Tomorrow is my last day of Thanksgiving break. It’s been a good one so far. I got to watch the Macy’s parade, I ate a lot of food, and I haven’t done much other than nothing. It’s nice not having projects to work on for school. Christmas season has started, and although I don’t like the crowds when shopping, I think it’s gonna be a good holiday season.


Holiday Music

Today is Thanksgiving (duh). So I finally feel comfortable focusing on Christmas. A lot has been advertised already, and three of my local radio stations started Christmas music before today. I will cut one slack because they started just yesterday.
But anyways, I figured I would discuss my favorite Christmas songs. You know, those ones you can't get tired of hearing when Christmas music is an already limited selection of variety. Here goes:
-Anything by Mariah Carey. And there's several by her.
-Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSYNC
-Santa Claus is Coming to Town Bruce Springsteen style
-The Twelve Pains of Christmas
-The Hanukkah Song by Adam Sandler
-Snoopy's Christmas

There may have been a few I've forgotten, but I think this is a pretty comprehensive list. Now go sleep off the turkey.


Lieber Deutschland

So much has been going on in German soccer the past few days. One item is more light hearted, while the other is incredibly depressing.

Bayern Munich player Miroslav Klose is basically being quarrantined because of the swine flu. His twin sons contracted the gol ole H1N1 and they're being careful. Klose can't train for a few days until this clears up.....

Now to the depressing thing.

Hannover 96 and German national team member Robert Enke committed suicide November 10. Parked himself in front of a speeding train and killed himself. I was shocked to hear the news, and it makes me more depressed the more I hear about it.

Enke had been working for first goalkeeper position for many years, and once Jens Lehman retired, he got the job. He spent time at several major clubs including Beneficia and Barcelona.

Reports say that Enke was very depressed and suffered because of confidence issues due to being moved around a lot. His two year old daughter died a few years ago because of a heart defect.

Enke left behind a wife and adopted child.  He also left behind grieving teammates, friends, fans, and shocked people like me. Even I didn't really know about Enke until his death, its a hard thing to swallow. Guess the only way for everone to go is forward.

http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/12112009/58/bundesliga-klose-quarantined-swine-flu-scare.html The klose link.
http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/11112009/58/bundesliga-enke-death-confirmed-suicide.html You can get more info on Enke through this article......


Wolverhampton 1-4 Arsenal

Today, I was lucky to see about three minutes of this game. I wish I could have seen more, but the internet stream wasn’t working well. All I really did see was Gallas get a yellow card.

It definitely was an interesting game. The first two goals were own goals by Wolverhampton. The second was reminiscent of a goal by Arsenal earlier in the season that wasn’t an own goal. Fabregas scored just before the half ended, and Arshavin scored again in the second. Wolverhampton scored late in the second half, but it wasn’t enough.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. I got twelve hours of sleep, which was nice. I did homework and future soldier stuff. We went to Dickson City and ate Burger King. It was a typical Saturday. I’m probably gonna do more homework later. It’s nice to be able to slow down and not do as much as during the week. I’m afraid I don’t really have some deep insight to share about this. I will say I find it very enjoyable to listen to Arsene Wenger speak. There’s something fun about trying to understand him through his accent. This goes for any other Arsenal player who doesn’t speak English as their first language.....

Here’s a link for some Arsene Wenger quotes. Some aren’t all that profound, but most of them are great, even downright hilarious.



Alice's Restaurant and Gofrette

How my mind works sometimes....
Gofrette is a Canadian tv show on the qubo channel. I've never seen an episode, but I've seen the advertisements for it. There was a can of garbanzo beans in our cupboard. This reminded me of the fact that Gofrette has a cousin named Garbanzo. This prompted me to say 'garbanzo' like Gofrette does. My dad then took the opportunity to look at me funny and I had to explain myself.

While still repeating 'garbanzo' to myself, I thought of the Guthrie song I've only heard a few times. "Alice's Restaurant". It's an old, interesting song that is very hard to explain. In short, it's about this dude who gets arrested for littering. The chorus gets stuck in one's head very easily. lyrics here: http://www.arlo.net/resources/lyrics/alices.shtml

On other things, I was very disappointed that Manchester United equalised in their CL game. It was a 3-3 draw with a Moscow team. A Moscow player got a soft red and I believe that was what caused Manchester to equalise.
Arsenal plays tomorrow. Hope it goes well. Gael Clichy has a stress fracture in his back, so he won't be around for a few weeks. Kerian Gibbs is supposedly his replacement, so hopefully he'll perform well. It's a season of the young'uns stepping up when older members of the team are injured.......


Are Mixed Feelings like Mixed Nuts?

Fall is a season I’m not sure if I like or not. I have definite opinions on the other three, but I’m just not sure about the fall. How about I give my feelings on both sides of the issue.


-It’s getting cold

-The leaves are dying

-Dead leaves means a lot of leaves to rake

-It’s getting dark earlier and light later

-It’s cold


-The dying leaves look nice when they are still on the trees

-The air smells nice and smoky

-It’s the perfect temperature in the afternoon/early evening

-When the temperature is nice it’s nice to go running

I just don’t know. What’s your opinion about this strange season? I need a little help deciding.