Arsenal 3-0 Sp*rs/Sc*m

Today was a London derby. Arsenal FC versus Tottenham Hotspur. I can gladly say that Arsenal won. Spurs are Arsenal’s arch-rival. Please don’t ask me the history. I just know that it goes back a long time (today was the 145th derby) and I’m not supposed to like Tottenham. I guess this is how hatred like the Celtic/Rangers rivalry continues. At first you don’t understand, but as you go along, your dislike grows and you truly believe your cause……

But back to the game. It was spectacular. Robin van Persie scored in the 42nd minute. Cesc Fabregas scored in the 43rd minute while most commentators were still reviewing van Persie’s goal. Van Persie scored again in the 60th. Manuel Almunia was back in goal replacing the decent newcomer Mannone. It just seemed to be an all around good game for Arsenal and they finished the day with third spot on the table, just ahead of their friends the Spurs. I might sing a few anti-Spurs songs, but they aren’t very nice so I won’t.


The Beckham Experiment

I’m not much of a fan of David Beckham. I consider him on my list of least favorite players along with Christiano Ronaldo. But reading the book The Beckham Experiment changed my point of view some. Becks may not be totally to blame for the problems surrounding him.

Grant Wahl followed the Beckham story around since before Becks actually got to the LA Galaxy. He interviewed many key players in the saga, including Beckham himself and Beckham’s not as famous teammate Landon Donovan.

The book chronicles David Beckham’s attempt to crack the US soccer market wide open. It explains the good, the bad, and the ugly about everything that happened.

Based on the first half of the book, I gained a bit of sympathy for Beckham. There were other forces besides him getting him to the US, and those interests did not always look out for what would be the best for Beckham.

The problems in the second half of the book, I would like to place the blame more on Beckham. The forces present in the first part of the book weren’t as prominent, and it seemed like Beckham gave up on soccer in the US.

Yes, Donovan, US’s most famous player, slams Beckham at times for his lack of leadership or work ethic. But he also is complimentary to him at times. He is not totally anti-Beckham. He’s just a lot closer to seeing the problems and not idol worshipping a famous man.

I still don’t like Beckham as much as a lot of people. But Grant Wahl’s book has given me an insight on the going-ons of David Beckham in the US. The story is still not complete and it’s ending is anticipated.

Definitely a book that I was looking forward to reading. I thought it would be a bash Beckham book, but it turned out to be a book with amazing insight to a sticky situation.


something to think about

A CL Game

I haven’t written for a while. Arsenal was on break for international games, so I haven’t had the reminder to write. Saturday, Arsenal beat Birmingham 3-1. Birmingham was promoted from Championship at the end of last season. Championship, where my poor Reading is not doing so well this season.

And today was a typical me stunt. I knew Arsenal was playing Champions League this week. CL is usually played on Tuesday or Wednesday. I thought they were playing a Wednesday rotation this week. Guess who was wrong! It’s not the first time it’s happened. But Arsenal drew. 1-1. The other team scored in the last minute to tie it up. Lucky break for them. Cesc Fabregas scored the goal for us.

This week is spirit week at school. Administration cut our dress-up days, so the student body just kind of organizes our own. Yesterday- lumberjack day. Today-depending on who you were, it was pajama day, boy scout uniform day, or tribal Tuesday. Officially it starts tomorrow with super-hero day. Thursday is nerd day for seniors (not planning on doing it). Friday is blue and white day. Pointless days made not pointless by the fact that if you dress up you don’t need a collared shirt.

Victoria Concordia Crescit. Victory comes from harmony.


Live Free or Die Hard

I just saw this movie for the first time last night. (Yes, I am a little behind on my movie times, but what can you say for a person whose favorite movie was made in theearly 90's?)

Bruce Willis amazed me once again. Mindless, yes. Quick-paced, yes. Stunts I've never seen done before, Absolutely. I like this movie for several very stupid reasons.
1. They disrupt a helicopter's flight with a fire hydrant.
2. One car lands on top of two others, barely mising McClane.
3. A car blows up a helicopter.
4.McClane shoots himself to kill the bad guy.

It's hard not to love something like that. And except for some language, the lines were as funny as in his previous Die Hards.


I Got Wet Today

I think yesterday was the first day in my life I ran two consecutive miles. I survived. I guess its my fault for joining the army and having to do PT at future soldiers. I can say that I have now used icy-hot for the first time. It's kind of weird to feel it when it's cold, but it works.

It was raining today. Really hard. I didn't know that until I got out of the house and the door was locked. Somebody got soaked waiting for the bus................

I have to wait a few weeks for Arsenal to play again. International breaks. World Cup qualifiers. It's gonna be fun.......
p.s. underdog Nebraska beat Missouri 27-12. Sweet victory.