Yes No

I love watching shows that have some sort of musical focus. This usually manifests itself as musical competition shows, but Glee has captured my imagination a bit.
To be honest, the plot sucks. The story lines go in crazy directions and I mute half the show because I don't want to listen to the stupid monologues or conversations.
But last night was completely different. The music selections were pretty awesome. The whole story lines with Sam/ Mercedes, Will/ Emma, and Finn's future were pretty cool. I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of Santana, the Sam/Mercedes story line and a little bit less of Will/Emma. But overall, it was one of my favorite episodes of the show. Ever.


Thanks for the memories

I may be an artsy person, but I am not the most crafty person. This is why my most recent accomplishment is so big. I made a t-shirt blanket out of a bunch of old t-shirts from childhood, high school and a couple donations from my family.  It's 4 blocks by 5 blocks and double sided.

It is by no means perfect. The rows are crooked, there are a few mis-stitches, it's not completely squared up. But it's mine. My shirts, my memories, my smiles. And now I have them for as long as the blanket will last.

Memories are a cool thing. They bring back all sorts of emotions and reminisces about different times. When I was back home I found and took back with me a pair of shoelaces I've had for several years. They've got memories too. How else could I truly remember all the great slide tackles I had if it weren't for the grass stains on those shoe laces?

Speaking of memories, remember when Thierry Henry played for Arsenal? He's back on a brief (2 month) loan from Red Bull New York and he's already making even more memories. Arsenal won today against Leeds in a third round FA cup game because of a goal from the legend.