Tuesday was an interesting, cool day. I had a dental appointment at 0720 and was out of the office by 0735 as army class 1 dental status. Hooray for army efficiency. At mail call at the end of the day I got my Arsenal shirt that I got off of e-bay. It's a 2003-2004 home shirt WITH a Champion's League patch on it. The patch was a sweet little bonus for me.
Probably the coolest part of the day was when we were forming up after school. It has been a little stormy here in AZ and a storm was just clearing out. There was a full, clear, 180 degree rainbow in the sky. And there was a partial one right above it. It was so beautiful it almost made me want to go find the pot of gold at the end.
Today we received our new barracks assignments. I'll post more about that some other time, but let me say we all feel like we're moving into the Hilton, they're that nice.


You know you're bored when.......

Typically on our non-duty days bed check is at 2400. This means there are three more hours to kill on weekends than on a regular day. And there isn't a whole lot to do at night anyways. Last night  time was killed on youtube. It started with me re-watching Charlie Bit My Finger. Then it moved into watching old Superbowl commercials. I then decided it would be cool to try and watch some old Backstreet Boys and N'Sync music videos.(Darn you Sony for having copyrighted material and not being able to play some of them).
Here is where it turns really lame. I was watching Barney on youtube. It was the good old Barney and the Backyard Gang that I was watching. I always loved the "Barney Goes to School"episode, so I watched that. And then I saw that someone had put the old "Barney in Concert" up so I watched a little bit of that. So many hours of my childhood were spent watching that video......
Barney was an integral part of my childhood. It was nice to watch some if the older stuff. My parents will tell of the time I went to go see Barney at some store special. I had to have been two or three so I don't remember it. We got there and I wouldn't go anywhere near Barney. I guess I just couldn't handle seeing him in real life. That didn't change my loving the Barney on screen.