4 Songs, 2 Blankets, 3 Fillings, 1 Partizan-3 Arsenal

Today was an interesting day. Yesterday my company had training late, so we were allowed to sleep in until a 0630 linen turn in instead of a 0400 linen turn in and pt after that. So although I wasn't in my bay all day I had 2 blankets.

This morning when I woke up I was informed that I had a dental appointment at 0800. I was expecting it sometime because everyone has to go, but I didn't know it was today. When I arrived and got seated in the nice dentist chair I was informed I was getting 3 fillings. So now I have 3 fillings and a sore mouth. I guess thats what an hour in the dentist chair will get you.

On to an even more random thing. I own 4 different versions of K'naan's song 'Wavin Flag'.
1. The original
2. The one featuring will i am and David Guetta
3. The Coca-Cola World Cup celebration one
4. The Coca-Cola World Cup celebration featuring David Bisbal singing in Spanish
They're all really good. But I do feel a little dorky for having 4 different versions of one song. But then again, its normal for me to have 2 or 3 different versions of a song.

Arsenal played a Champions League game today against Partizan Belgrade at Partizan's stadium. May I say that its an embarrassment to Partizan to lose 3-1 on home turf, in front of a home crowd, with 10 men. Arshavin continues to impress, scoring the opening goal, and Chamkah is showing he was a good pick-up scoring another goal. Sebastien Squillaci ( I think we picked him up this summer with few others. I wouldn't know much about transfers after the World Cup because of basic) added Arsenal's other goal. Tomas Rosicky actually played a whole game. Thats a good sign considering the past few seasons and his escapades, but good proof of TR7 being 500% back will be if he starts or at least plays Sunday in the Chelsea game. And there's a good chance of that considering all of the injuries we have right now.

Here comes the really dorky part of my post. You may have wondered why it looks like I can't count down from 4 properly. I can. I'm just a dork who enjoys the 4231soccer formation. It was my brilliant brain that decided to make the post somewhat coincide with the formation.


Arsenal 2-3 West Bromwich Albion

That particular score line was the exact opposite of how my day went. All you're getting from my review of the game today is this: I was asleep when it happened, Samir Nasri scored both of Arsenal's goals, Tomas Rosicky got a yellow card, apparently Almunia was awful today (according to the one UK yahoo article), and I don't want to know any more about the game. Its nothing personal against Arsenal. IU was being optimistic and hoping that we were going to continue to do well, but it looks like we're being typical and losing stupid little games while winning the bigger ones (like Tottenham last Tuesday).

Arsenal lost, but I had a good day. I slept in until 1030 (that's 10.5 hours of sleep that were much needed). I got to talk with my family. I had a good lunch and spent some time at the MI library. I had a good dinner (ravioli!).
Either later on or tomorrow I'm going to do the weekly really clean up my locker and get squared away for the coming week as best as I can.


Sign of a Victory

There are only three songs ever that I have bought after listening to the for the first time.
1. Bad Day by Daniel Powter
2. Smile by Uncle Kracker
3. Sign of a Victory by R. Kelly

Sometimes you just know that a song is amazing. And one day I was sitting on a bus coming back after a long day at a range. The wonderful bus driver had some station on and this song came on. I had never heard it before, but it sounded like it belonged in a World Cup soundtrack, it sounded like R. Kelly, and it had those wonderful cliches like in "I Believe I can Fly". What a surprise that all three of those things were true. R. Kelly produced the song for the 2010 Word Cup soundtrack.

Now I shall tie it in to AIT.
Today my platoon did a nice 3 mile road march. It was just us, our weapon and a 25 lb pack. It was so easy, but I guess almost anything could be considered easy after 10 miles in full gear. Sign of a Victory was stuck in my head and I was singing it all through the march.

Its so beautiful here in Arizona. I could just stare up at the clouds all day; especially at the beginning and end of the day when the sun turns them colors. It must have something to do with being a mile up. And the mountains are wonderful and the stretching flatness and ridges of the area. I's cool to see the storms and clouds in the mountains. And I love being in the heat even though its starting to cool down a bit ( that translates into the 80's during the day instead of the 90's).


Scum 1-4 Arsenal

Arsenal knocked Tottenham out of the Carling Cup today. I had totally forgotten about this cup, but that score made my day. Three of Arsenal's goals were scored in extra time with two of those being penalties. Guess Tottenham was getting desperate by pulling players down in the box. From what I saw in an article, it looked like a very interesting game and I can't wait to find a replay online.


What I learned in BCT Land

-Almost every difficulty is 90% mental
-Its harder to throw a grenade than in the movies than what they show. It's harder to do a lot of things than what they show in the movies. And after basic you know what is going on in movies and you critique it.
-Moving and shooting is a lot of fun.
-Run every comment through the internal hamster before saying.
-Being dependable earns you respect, but it also means you end up with extra duty while covering for people.
-Attention to detail. I can't say that one enough.
-It is possible to go 2 months with jello and chocolate milk as your only desserts.
-Adapting to change makes you 500x stronger.
-Don't trust the DFAC menus: you'll be disappointed when they don't have whatever the menu said they would.
-It is possible to sleep IN, not ON, your bed and still make it quickly in the morning.
-Sleep deprivation sucks.
-2 months without soccer news is a long time and it is a big deal; especially during a World Cup and a post-World Cup transfer window and kit changes.
-Dripping beads of sweat is possible on a daily basis. SC had one of the hottest summers on record.
-Every drill sergeant says their way is the correct way. Sometimes you change methods based on who is around.


The Best Cookie I Ever Had

Step, heel, step, heel, step, heel, step. My tray was parallel to the marching surface and I was at chow hall attention. 9 weeks into basic training and my platoon and company was finally allowed to eat desserts. My luck meant there was never any desserts left by the time I got through the line. But that one fateful evening, my luck changed. There were M&M cookies. That was the best cookie I ever ate. It was just a packaged,generic cookie, but 9 weeks without one made it taste wonderful. I know I've tasted better cookies, but deprivation makes everything taste better. Jello and chocolate milk can only last one so long. And don't even get me started on the day there was breaded shrimp for lunch. I ate mine and someone else's.

In other news, Arsenal drew with Sunderland 1-1 today. Tomas Rosicky came on as a sub for Cesc Fabregas who was injured. I love Rosicky, but I hope Fabregas's injury isn't too serious. He's a vital part of Arsenal right now. Nebraska absolutely kicked Washington's butt in college football. I got grape tomatoes from the commissary and they are amazing. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have nothing planned except to go to chapel.



Remember that post the other day about God keeping his promises? Well, I have a story from basic that God keeps his promises and answers prayers. The night before the 12k full gear foot march God and me were talking. I wasn't too sure I would be able to make it because full gear meant carrying around half of my bodyweight. The next morning I woke up with the Backstreet Boy's song "Yes I Will" in my head. The chorus part that says "Yes I will take your hand and walk with you." God walked the entire 12k with me. I don't know if I would have made it without him. I made it with the wonderful mega-huge blisters on my heels. I got my answer. And we got to change into pt's early that day.


The Game

It killed me to have to leave for basic in the middle of a World Cup. I almost cried the day I received the final results in the mail form my parents because I was so happy to get them. Spain 1-0 Netherlands. I wish I could have seen that game and a bunch of the others leading up to it. I watched Spain 1-0 Portugal the night I was at MEPS and it was such a beautiful game. Even with C. Ronaldo playing.
I also spent a lot of time thinking about Arsenal. On runs I would tell myself I was keeping up with T.Rosicky. I sang the Theo Walcott chant in my head almost daily. My weapon was christened Arsne Wenger. I wondered about transfers and what the new kits looked like. Seeing what happened during the transfer window shocked me a little, but I'll get used to it and the new players we got. Surprisingly, the home kit that was leaked in June was almost accurate so that wasn't a shock. The white collar will take some getting used to for me, but its a sweet kit.
I missed being able to kick a ball around. I missed the game. And the first thing I did when I got my cell phone back was check the scores.



The only good message I heard in chapel in basic was given by a chaplain candidate at the beginning of my week 6. It was taken form Joshua 14.6-15 and discussed Caleb's waiting 45 years for his promised land. The chaplain's 3 points went something like this:
-Stay Positive
-Stay Patient
-Stay Persistent
It's crazy to think that Caleb waited 45 years to get his promised land. He watched his generation die but still kept going. It must have been tough to watch everyone you know die. Anything I went through in basic couldn't have been as hard as what Caleb went through. So I too, could stay positive, patient, and persistent in my prayers. God keeps his promises.

Chapel in basic was interesting. At 0930 there was a Bible study that was a lady going through a dvd series on the basics of Christianity. At 1100 real chapel started. We sang, mostly really simple choruses like "Lord I Lift Your Name On High" and the chorus to "How Great is Our God". Then we had a short devotional type message. There were several times I didn't agree with how the text was used and sometimes I didn't get the point of the message. Then there was the week It was basically a candidate talking about how she wouldn't have been in the army if it wasn't for God. At the end of the service there was a altar call for salvation and rededication. The first few weeks there were loads of people going up for both sides, but as the weeks progressed most went up for rededication. Chapel wasn't much for the good spiritual diet, but when you barely have time to think its about all you can manage.


Guess Who's Back

Two and a half months and I'm back and hopefully posting more. Basic was a lot of fun, but hard at the same time. I definitely wouldn't do it again if I had the choice. I'm in AIT now and have a laptop to post from. A mac to be specific. I'll write more later about my experiences at basic. I was so happy to hear of the World Cup results a week after they happened and I got so excited when I was able to see the Arsenal results last week.