Crime Shows

I decided the other day that I have a strong attraction to watching crime drama/cop type TV shows. When I was little, it was JAG and Diagnosis Murder that I liked to watch. When JAG went off air I became fascinated with NCIS and then 6 seasons later NCIS:LA. I also liked to catch the occasional episode of Cold Case.
Now that I’m out of the house I watch a little more TV than I used to and have added The Mentalist, Bones, Criminal Minds, and while it was on, The Human Target. I was just introduced to Hawaii 5-0 (old and new) a few weeks ago and love that too. And let’s not forget about Alcatraz that just started as well. Just about the only shows not in this alphabet soup mess of shows are the CSI and Law and Order franchises (with the exception of Law and Order:SVU). I never really got or liked them. They may be successful, but I just don’t like how the plots and story lines were set up.
I don’t know why I like these shows so much, but I’m not gonna overthink it too much. If I do that I won’t have any brainpower left to figure out whom the bad guy is before the cops on the TV shows.



I wrote this poem in the aftermath of Anna Nicole Smith’s death 5 years ago. I was home sick from school and they were discussing her death and the surrounding circumstances on Dr. Phil. And I got frustrated because I didn’t get why people couldn’t let her death rest in peace without a big spectacle. Really, it could go for any big celebrity and their families who has had an untimely death in the past few years, to include Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and most recently, Whitney Houston.


In one instant, a life is changed
Suddenly, everyone is watching
Now, everybody cares
What you do, how you do it
It’s all out there, ready for people to criticize
Good or bad, it can be seen by all
There is no sympathy
It’s all just a good story
You try to hide, but are sought out
This is the price of the spotlight.