Oops... I forgot about that!

I've been noticing lately that I've developed this habit of getting something and then forgetting I got it. Most recently, it was with the Sunny D I got Friday. I stuck it in the fridge and then received a pleasant surprise when I opened up the fridge this morning.

I've done it to my Gatorade mix, beef jerky, pop tarts, hairspray, a couple DVDs (how could I forget I got the epic Beowulf?), and a couple t-shirts and shorts.

I guess the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' is true for me, because if I don't see it I'm likely to forget about it. But it sure is nice when you find the stuff again...


The Game

Sorry lil bro, I know you sometimes read this, but I just have to dog you out.
The other day I got an e-mail from my little brother talking about one of my favorite subjects and one I thought he didn't like so much... soccer/football. He's still figuring out which team he likes in the EPL, but I'm not forcing him on anything (interpret it as I'm not influencing him to The Arsenal). I will say he has my blessing on his current possible choice because its not  Tottenham, Manchester United, or Manchester City.
I told him about the second tab I always open up whenever I get online: uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football. It's pretty much the only website I go to for news. And I absolutely loved the response I got about it because it is so characteristic of him. "I'm sure it'll be a big help in my quest for the truth behind the game that drives the world."


Happy Birthday...

.... to Nelson Mandela, who turned 93 today.
And in honor of his birthday and his accomplishments, a Smash Mouth video.


Sunny Days

I have recently become re-enamored with the classic show Sesame Street. I watched it a fair bit when I was little. I'll never forget counting, saying the alphabet, and singing the rubber duckie song as I watched. As I grew older they added the amazing Elmo's World segment.
Last spring, I would turn on Sesame street at 7:30 to watch a few minutes before whatever "grown up" show we were going to watch. It's amazing to see how much the writers put in for older people. The puns. The humor. The famous people doing parodies of their hits. And I gotta admit, I just love singing the song about whatever Elmo discussed that episode. I think it took my dad a few days to figure out you just sang the word to "jingle bells".

This is a new favorite of mine: