Peace Offering

When I lived back home, there was an abyss on the side of the bunk bed I shared with my sister. It would eat things only to spit them back out 5 minutes after we desperately needed something. The abyss also managed to hold Lego Shaq and a Tony Hawk GameBoy game hostage for a good 3 or 4 years. There was much rejoicing the day they were safely returned after their disappearance.

Now that I'm out of the house, I swear my room is infested with gnomes. They steal things only to return them after I've gotten a replacement item. I now have two bowls because of them. I also have several things of body wash because they just can't be trusted.
The gnomes also like to move things around. Their favorite item is socks. They have a habit of putting socks in random drawers and making all but a few necessary pairs of socks to disappear for weeks on end.
Their most recent activity has been the theft of my Toy Story spoon. I don't want to get another one because the matching fork is still around. Last night I bought some new socks because of the gnomes activities. I'm hoping they will bring my spoon back and take some more of my socks. This peace offering better get my spoon back.....

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