Beginnings and Ends

Today is a day of beginnings, but also of ends. Glee picks back up after its winter break and hits the final stretch of the season. I'm hoping the music stays as good as the middle of the season.
Manafest released his latest album Fighter today. He's been producing music for a few years now, but I only came across him this past November. He's got this rock with a little rap mixed in style and it's great music to chill out too. Here is the song that got me hooked on his music.

On the side of endings, 1000 Generations announced today that they are disbanding. They put out some great music and they will be missed. I got to know them through a confusing time in my life and this song helped me out a lot.

New stuff starts up all the time, and stuff ends all the time. It's great to celebrate the new and miss the old. I'm sure brighter and better things will come along.

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